California Cannabis Businesses Are Celebrating With Virtual Parties and Adding New Retail Licenses

California Cannabis Businesses Are Celebrating With Virtual Parties and Adding New Retail Licenses

California Cannabis is experiencing many changes as it tries to adjust to the current climate. Whether it is creating virtual celebrations and private events, adapting business plans to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, or kickstarting license approvals in new cities, the Cannabis industry is doing its best to thrive. Here is the most recent California Cannabis news.

California Cannabis Companies Host Virtual 4/20 Events

Cannabis businesses have quickly adapted to the new reality of their industry. In an effort to reach customers on Cannabis’s most celebrated day of the year, owners took 4/20 celebrations virtual. Typical festival style celebrations have been ruled out due to the current Shelter-in-Place order in California. However, this resilient industry created a streaming-only concert entitled, Highstream 420 Festival. Viewers celebrated from the safety of their own homes while helping Melissa Ethridge raise money for charity.

Other local companies with the proper licensing incorporated private virtual parties, giveaways, discounts, and social media influencers to celebrate with the Cannabis community.

California Cannabis Industry Is Booming Due to Essential Business Order

Since California deemed Cannabis companies as essential businesses, the industry has experienced a boom in sales. For some owners, sales have increased by up to 100%. Consumers are panic buying and stocking up on Cannabis products they use daily. Retailers have had to incorporate new measures such as curbside pick-up, online ordering, and delivery to keep up with the high demand. They have even increased safety measures for employees such as gloves, masks, and appropriate distancing with coworkers and customers.

With the Shelter-in-Place still holding strong, Cannabis businesses show no sign of slowing sales. For the time being, people are still stuck at home and may be dealing with increased job anxiety as well. As a result, Californians will continue to shop from their local Cannabis stores.

City of Sonoma Works to Approve New Cannabis Licenses

The City of Sonoma has begun to the processes of adding Cannabis companies to their city limits. Previously, 10 businesses submitted retail applications for a walk-in storefront dispensary and a delivery-only operation. Although this process is still in the early stages, this is a direct result of the Cannabis boom in California. With more locals staying home, retail businesses have seen an increase in their sales. These new applicants in the Sonoma area may be able to capitalize on this sooner rather than later.

The City of Sonoma was initially approved to start adding commercial Cannabis businesses in 2019. After almost a year of the city navigating this new territory, retail businesses may be able to finally open their doors in the fall of this year. Most qualified applicants are set to have their applications reviewed in late May. After this review, an additional land use and permit process would follow to award the two winning businesses their commercial Cannabis licenses.

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