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California Bureau of Cannabis Control Created #Weedwise to Crack Down on Unlicensed Business

California Bureau of Cannabis Control Created #Weedwise to Crack Down on Unlicensed Business

California licensing agencies have issued over 10,000 cannabis licenses since legalization.

However, there could be just as many “stores” working without legitimate licenses. Do you run a cannabis operation in California? If so, what’s your license status?

With so many companies competing for the same customer base, it can be easy for consumers to knock on the wrong door. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is making it simple for legitimate businesses to connect with their customers.

The public information program, “Get #Weedwise,” is an app created to help educate the public on what businesses function within the law and the potential health risks of purchasing from a black market seller.

A section of this program is also specifically targeted at Cannabis business owners. The bureau’s entire purpose of #weedwise is to keep the licensed businesses booming and shut down the lawbreakers.  Where do you fall?  Do you want your clients and customers to be confident that your business is licensed?

Within the app, consumers can scan a QR code displayed in front of a retailer’s storefront window and instantly verify their shop is legal. If the shop isn’t verified, that business will be flagged and immediately receive a warning from the bureau.  Don’t let your business be tagged by the bureau!

Is your business displaying its QR code? The Cannabis industry is constantly changing, and it’s easy to fall out of compliance. Don’t be caught off guard. Make sure a Cannabis professional is in your corner. Hire Unlock Legal. Our team knows the ins and outs of Cannabis law when it comes to regulatory and compliance here in California.  We also understand how federal laws can play a role in your operations.

Do you need help finding and resolving cannabis compliance and regulatory issues before your license is questioned?  We can help.  Give us a call at 949-268-2857.

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