Appealing Your Pharmacy License Denial

Appealing Your Pharmacy License Denial

All pharmacy technicians within the state of California must be licensed to practice as a professional. However, there are some circumstances in which your application for a license may be denied.

A few reasons you could be denied a license include:

  • Lying on your application
  • Leaving information out of your application
  • Having a criminal record

If your pharmacy license was recently denied, there is still something you can do. You have the right to appeal the denial of the license within 60 days of notice.

How Do I Start the Appealing Process?

Within 60 days you must submit a written appeal to the Board of Pharmacy’s office. After you submit your written appeal, you then have the chance to attend a hearing to formally appeal your case.

What Happens Next?

To officially appeal your denial, you will have to go through a formal hearing. This hearing will be conducted by a judge. A deputy attorney general will also be present as representation of the Board of Pharmacy.

The Hearing Process

Before the hearing you will be presented with the reasons your license was denied. This way, you can prepare for your hearing.

During the hearing you get the chance to argue your case. Much like in a regular trial, both parties can present evidence and call witnesses to defend their side. The presiding judge will then decide if there was sufficient cause for denial of your license. This decision must be presented in a written form from the judge.

However, even if your license application is still denied by the judge after the hearing, you can reapply for a license after a year.

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