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3 Tips to Fight Penalties from the Medical Board of California

A penalty from the Medical Board of California is not final. An appeal is possible. The right option will depend on the details of the penalty. These options include: reinstatement, early termination of probation or modification.

The odds of a successful request can be increased with these tips:

  • A complete petition packet
  • Proper submission
  • Hearing attendance

The following elaborates on these points.

The Importance of a Complete Petition

A petition packet must include a number of documents. Failure to include all the necessary components could result in a denied request. These packets generally require completion of a Petition for Penalty Relief form, letters of recommendation, a narrative statement and fingerprints.

The letters of recommendation must be from two physicians licensed to practice medicine. The physicians providing these letters can be licenses in any state. The Medical Board notes that a strong letter of recommendation will include an explanation about the physician in question’s growth after the penalty was issued as opposed to broad “this person is a good doctor” type statements.

The petition must also include a narrative statement. This is an opportunity for the physician to explain the reasons for the request. The statement must address specific questions if requesting reinstatement of a license. It must address how the physician earned a living during the revocation/suspension period and what the intentions are if reinstatement is granted.

Submit the Packet According to Proper Protocol

In most cases, mail the petition and all necessary documents to the Medical Board of California. Make a copy of the packet prior to submission for your files.


The hearing provides an opportunity to submit additional information that may not be present within the original petition. The Attorney General’s Office generally makes contact to schedule a hearing generally 120 days after the petition is filed and processed.

These are just the basics of the process. Those who are interested in pursuing a petition to reinstate a license or end probation are wise to seek legal counsel. An experience Medical License Defense Lawyer from Unlock Legal can provide representation during this process to advocate for your interests.

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