3 Common Reasons Your California Cannabis Application Was Denied

You’re ready to cash in on the green rush in the California Cannabis industry. You’ve created a plan, come up with the necessary capital and investments. You’ve submitted your application. But then, you receive a denial letter. Don’t lose hope. Unlock Legal can help you get your California Cannabis license and begin your dream job.

Here are three reasons your California Cannabis application may be denied.

Failure to Disclose Convictions

In your application for your license, the Bureau of Cannabis Control California requires applicants to submit specific information on all convictions. This information needs to include dates of convictions, incarcerations, probation, and parole. Additionally, you need to include detailed descriptions of each offense, a statement of rehabilitation for each conviction, and dated reference letters from employers or other professionals. Most importantly, applicants need to include a certified statement declaring all of the submitted information is true. If you miss any of these conviction requirements, your California Cannabis license request will be rejected. Connect with a licensed professional to ensure you are providing all the correct details on past and present convictions.

Failure to Comply with State Regulations

Depending on the type of Cannabis license you are applying for, compliance and regulation requirements can vary. However, most of them must adhere to rules in the following categories: corporate compliance, advertising and marketing, consumer protection, and property leases. Examples of these include age verification for consumers, proper packaging, and legal license agreements with entities that have the correct licensure. Additional unmet regulations applying to the protection of natural resources and water quality could result in license denial.

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Failure to Provide Accurate Details of Premises

When you apply for a California Cannabis license, the application process requires you to submit a detailed diagram of your business premises. Within this diagram, you must specify every area of your property. Your application could be denied if the proposal you present does not match your actual building layout. These include incorrect property size, a revised flow of traffic, and change in common entryways, doorways, and public access areas. It’s imperative that your application documents directly reflect your premises. An experienced Cannabis lawyer like those at Unlock Legal, can help ensure your license is not denied due to this error.

If your California Cannabis license was denied, don’t give up. Our experienced team at Unlock Legal knows the in’s and out of Cannabis law on the state and federal level. We can review all of your documents before you submit and ensure your application will be approved. Do you need help with your California Cannabis business license?  We can help.  Give us a call at 949-988-4444.

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