3 Actions That Can Help Reinstate Your Medical License

License revocation does not have to hold you back forever. Although you may have had a problem in the past, California recognizes that people can overcome the obstacles they face to become better physicians, surgeons or nurses.

The main way to convince a board that you are once more worthy of licensure is to eliminate any underlying problem as well as show that you are an upstanding citizen. In your hearing, the board will want to see evidence of your progress. This post suggests some positive steps you can take toward reinstatement.

Complete Rehabilitation

Addictions can affect workers of any profession. Not even medical providers are safe from falling into substance abuse addictions, which can be difficult to recognize at first and even more difficult to correct until other people notice it in your job.

If your alcohol or drug problem negatively impacted your work, treatment and sobriety may eliminate the original issue. Rehabilitation may be a great way to get your life back on track and prove that you deserve your license again.

Take Remedial Courses

Negligence or poor medical decision-making accounts for many revocation and suspension issues. You may want to sign up for extra medical classes. Additional training can help you stay up-to-date on modern healthcare practices.

In addition, consider ethics courses, which could show the board that you understand that your previous actions were wrong and you know proper behavior for the future. These classes can also help you prepare for any tricky moral dilemmas that could arise once you resume your profession.


Another way to prove to the board that you are ready to perform your duty is to volunteer in the community. What you volunteer to do does not have to involve the medical field. Instead, it should demonstrate your compassion and care for others, which will guide your practice of medicine. Although it’s not usually required, this act of good faith can usually help your case.

Once you are ready to request your medical license, you can begin a petition for reinstatement. The board will review your request and consider your case, which they may then invite you to discuss in a formal hearing.

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