COVID-19 Office Precautions

Posted on March 19, 2020

Our practice is dedicated to serving our clients. In light of the Coronavirus, we are taking extra health precautions. We understand the anxiety and hardships that the current outbreak is causing everyone in our community. We have also heard from many people who want to talk to our lawyers but they need more flexible options for doing so. As a firm, we are initiating new precautions to make sure that we can continue responding to your licensing and Cannabis law inquiries. We are keeping our office as sanitized as possible. For those who can make it in to see us, rest assured that we


Client Testimonial: Unlock Legal Secured My California Department of Insurance License

Posted on September 17, 2020

As a member of the California Department of Insurance, your reputation is extremely important. Mistakes made on and off the job can cost both your professional license and your career. At Unlock Legal, we are dedicated to helping California professionals protect their livelihoods and keep their Department of Insurance licenses intact. Here’s what our clients are saying about our team. Licensing Board Investigation After receiving a criminal conviction for a social mistake, one of our clients was alerted that her Department of Insurance license was under investigation. Worried that she could be facing suspension or even revocation, she reached out


How to Manage Threats Against Your Probationary Status for Your Professional License

Posted on September 10, 2020

At Unlock Legal, we consider it a victory if we can get your professional license on a probationary status. We feel that as long as you can continue working in a career of your choice then you’re in a good position. However, probationary issues can arise and threaten the security of your professional license. Causes of Revoked Probation If while on probation you fail to comply with the terms and conditions agreed upon, you risk losing your license altogether. In this case, your probation officer will likely threaten to share your failure to comply with your professional licensing board and


California Department of Insurance Suspended My License. Can I Get Reinstated?

Posted on September 3, 2020

As an agent or broker of the California Department of Insurance, your reputation can be heavily scrutinized. Even if you excel at your position, mistakes can impact the validity of your professional license. If you’ve been accused of a violation and had your professional incense suspended, you still have a chance to save your career. Causes for Suspension Violations to the California insurance code will result in a hearing before your licensing board. Depending on the circumstance of your accusation, you will likely be facing suspension or revocation of your insurance license. You may also be required to pay heavy


Client Testimonial: Unlock Legal Helped Reinstate My California Teaching License

Posted on August 27, 2020

California teachers are imperative to nurturing our next generation. Unfortunately, social and on-the-job mistakes can prevent even the best teachers from reaching students. At Unlock Legal, we’ve worked with hundreds of professionals struggling with their licensing boards. Whether there are past or recent mistakes on record, our experienced team can help protect your teaching career. License Denial   As a teacher, you are held to the highest of standards. You’re responsible for molding and shaping our future leaders. Mistakes on one particular client’s record were preventing him from fulfilling his dream career as a teacher. We helped him handle his


New Budgets Reduce Licensing Requirements for California Teachers

Posted on August 20, 2020

Last year, there were more than 300,000 credentialed teachers working in California schools. These teachers are responsible for shaping and modeling the students in our communities. As a result of the current pandemic, teachers are facing many changes for the upcoming season including challenges with their professional licenses. Recent budgeting approvals are helping more California teachers obtain and maintain their professional licenses.  License Requirements and Waivers California’s Department of Consumer Affairs maintains regulations of 76 professional boards including several education boards. Under this organization, licensed professionals must adhere to very strict guidelines when applying for their credential and keep them


What Do I Do If My California Teaching License Is Under Investigation?

Posted on August 13, 2020

California teachers play a large role in shaping the future of our children. On a daily basis, teachers working in early childhood schools and at the collegiate level have high standards to meet. Current and past social or on the job mistakes can threaten the livelihood of these California teachers. If your credibility is being questioned, your professional teaching license could be at risk. No matter how dire the circumstances may seem, there is a chance to protect your career with the help of a professional license defense attorney. Causes for Investigation Depending on the nature of your crime, you


California Licensing Board Changes: Renewal and License Requirements

Posted on July 30, 2020

The last several months have brought a variety of changes for professionals across California. From waived licensing requirements and renewal extensions for dentists and medical workers to ground-breaking professional licensing laws, California professionals are in a better position to obtain and maintain their occupational licenses.  California Enacts AB-2138 On July 1, Assembly Bill 2138 was officially enacted and provides a stepping stone for California residents with criminal records. This bill changes how California licensing boards can decide to revoke, deny, or suspend the professional license of individuals with criminal convictions. Boards are now restricted on using convictions over 7 years


Case Study: Turning a Real Estate Denial Into a Restricted License

Posted on July 23, 2020

The reputation of Real Estate brokers and agents is constantly taken into account in regard to their professional licenses. Past criminal convictions can definitely affect the possibility of starting or continuing your Real Estate career. We helped this client overcome his past mistakes and proceed with his dream career as a licensed Real Estate agent. In 2014, our lead attorney Miranda McCroskey began working with a California Real Estate professional that had received a statement of issues from the Department of Real Estate (DRE). In order to defend the denial of his application, our professional license defense attorneys put together


Case Study: Expunging Criminal Records and Obtaining Registered Nursing License

Posted on July 16, 2020

Nurses make up the largest population of occupational licenses in California. Due to the nature of their work, obtaining and maintaining a nursing license can be difficult. From nursing school to a nursing license, here’s how we helped a California Registered Nurse expunge her criminal records, get into nursing school, and obtain her professional nursing license.  In 2017, a nursing client reached out to our lead attorney, Miranda McCroskey, for assistance with her nursing school application. The scope of her request also entailed drafting and filing petitions for expungements for her underlying criminal matters.  The Unlock Legal team filed the


My California Real Estate License is Under Investigation. What Do I Do Now?

Posted on July 9, 2020

The California Real Estate Industry is extremely competitive, and your reputation is constantly on the line. As a realtor or broker, you play an integral part in the home buying and renting process. What you do inside and outside of work can affect your real estate license. If your professional license is under investigation, here’s what you should do. Common Reasons For Investigation The California Real Estate Board has a long list of violations that lead to disciplinary actions. Below are the most common reasons your professional license could be investigated. Unlicensed Activity Trust Fund Mishandling Misrepresentation Criminal Convictions Failure


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