COVID-19 Office Precautions

Posted on March 19, 2020

Our practice is dedicated to serving our clients. In light of the Coronavirus, we are taking extra health precautions. We understand the anxiety and hardships that the current outbreak is causing everyone in our community. We have also heard from many people who want to talk to our lawyers but they need more flexible options for doing so. As a firm, we are initiating new precautions to make sure that we can continue responding to your licensing and Cannabis law inquiries. We are keeping our office as sanitized as possible. For those who can make it in to see us, rest assured that we


California Cannabis Industry Experiences Delays in Regulatory Merger, the Approval of Cannabis Stimulus, and More Illicit Busts.

Posted on May 28, 2020

California continues to streamline regulations and support for legal Cannabis businesses. In recent news, Governor Newsom announces his delay on regulatory changes, the House of Representatives passes a Cannabis stimulus bill and state agencies continue to crack down on illicit businesses. Here are the latest headlines. California Governor Delays Cannabis Regulatory Changes Prior to COVID-19, California Cannabis regulatory agencies were set to make their official merger and streamline the tax and regulation process. However, the pandemic has set back the budget on this merger significantly. It will not come to fruition until 2021 at the earliest. Recently, Governor Newson released


Will My Nursing License Be Suspended for a DUI?

Posted on May 26, 2020

According to the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), DUIs and substance abuse are the leading cause for nurses to receive disciplinary action. They may face suspension or even revocation of their professional licenses due to convictions like these. Not only do medical professionals need to worry about the criminal aspect of their DUI case, but they must also face the medical board to have their professional license evaluated. If you received a DUI or substance abuse conviction, here’s what you need to know about keeping your nursing license intact. Report Your Conviction to the Board Once you have received


This Week in Cannabis: The Future of Dispensaries Post COVID-19, Cannabis Tax Break, and Organic Cannabis Standards

Posted on May 21, 2020

As state restrictions begin to lessen, the California Cannabis industry is seeing changes in the new future. These changes include modifications to dispensaries, Cannabis tax, and organic products. Here’s more on what’s happening in the industry. A Look at Dispensaries Post COVID-19 As a result of COVID-19s impact on California Cannabis businesses, the industry is expecting a change in the future of commercial Cannabis. All businesses have begun practicing social distancing and implementing new safety restrictions for customers and employees. These practices are likely to stay in place as Stay-At-Home initiatives are lifted. Businesses with delivery licenses have already seen


Help! My California Teacher’s License is Suspended.

Posted on May 19, 2020

As a teacher, you help mold and shape the future leaders of our world. Whether your specialty is in K- 12 or higher education, your competency as a teacher is constantly scrutinized. Mistakes made socially or on the job can have a lasting effect on your professional license; mishaps can cause your license to be suspended or even completely revoked. If your California teaching license has been suspended, you’re not alone. With the help of the right professional license defense attorney, you can get your career back. Reasons for Suspension Teachers in California can lose their teaching licenses for a


This Week in California Cannabis: California Expunges Cannabis Convictions, Columbia Care Opens Virtual Shop & Pasadena Struggles to Legalize Cannabis

Posted on May 14, 2020

The California Cannabis industry is yet again seeing some changes - convictions are being expunged, virtual shops are being introduced, and cities continue to experience licensing issues. Here are the full stories. California is Expunging Cannabis Convictions In an effort to eliminate criminal records for those individuals that are no longer violating state law, Santa Clara County is expunging more than 11,500 convictions for Cannabis offenses. These Cannabis convictions have caused major damage to the reputations of thousands of professionals in California. This new order will clear the record for those convicted, providing a sense of closure for their case


My CPA License is Under Investigation. What Do I Do Now?

Posted on May 11, 2020

Working as a licensed accountant requires you to uphold the utmost integrity and adhere to all of the state and federal laws. However, small mistakes from your past or present can have a large impact on the future of your career. If your CPA license is under investigation, you need to get assistance from a professional license defense attorney right away. With their assistance, you can better understand why your license is being questioned and fight against your allegations.  Causes for Investigation As a licensed professional, there are many industry guidelines to follow in addition to upholding the law. Breaking


California Cannabis Industry Introduces A Fast Food Drive-Thru, Provides Tax Support for Businesses Owners, And Works To Resolve LA Licensing Lawsuit

Posted on May 7, 2020

This week in the California Cannabis industry there have been new retail business openings, tax-related changes for business owners, and updates on a court case regarding the selection process of LA Cannabis licenses. Southern California Introduces First Cannabis and Food Drive-Thru After weeks of temporarily closing their doors, Original Cannabis Cafe has finally reopened its doors. They first opened as a cafe in October 2019 but had to shut down due to COVID-19. Their previous Cannabis license didn’t allow for takeout or delivery, but they have recently been approved by the BCC to reopen their doors and are now known


The California Contractors Licensing Board Denied My License.

Posted on May 5, 2020

You spent hours studying for the application exam to prepare yourself for your future career as a California contractor. Instead of receiving an approval letter, you are served a statement of issues from the Contractors State License Board. Although your professional license could have been denied for a variety of reasons, you still have the chance to appeal this decision. A professional license defense attorney can help open the door to your dream career. Why Was My License Denied? Past convictions can affect the approval of your professional contractor’s license. If you committed any of the following in the last


California Cannabis Businesses Are Celebrating With Virtual Parties and Adding New Retail Licenses

Posted on April 30, 2020

California Cannabis is experiencing many changes as it tries to adjust to the current climate. Whether it is creating virtual celebrations and private events, adapting business plans to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, or kickstarting license approvals in new cities, the Cannabis industry is doing its best to thrive. Here is the most recent California Cannabis news. California Cannabis Companies Host Virtual 4/20 Events Cannabis businesses have quickly adapted to the new reality of their industry. In an effort to reach customers on Cannabis’s most celebrated day of the year, owners took 4/20 celebrations virtual. Typical festival style celebrations have been


Will I Lose My Professional License for a Domestic Abuse Charge?

Posted on April 28, 2020

With domestic abuse cases on the rise due to more people sheltering at home, professional license holders are the most vulnerable to life-long consequences of these convictions. Penalties for a domestic violence charge include suspension and complete revocation of your license. In some circumstances, the lasting effects of this conviction could affect your future career path and livelihood. Not only will you be subject to judgment by your professional licensing board, but you may also have to deal with hefty fines and penalties. Whether your charge was classified as an accident, self-defense, or even a false accusation, there could be


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