The attorneys at Unlock Legal complete and submit applications on their clients behalf.

When you are applying to your licensing body, you must be certain to fill out the application correctly and completely. Errors in an application will cause the application to be denied, and lock you out of your chosen career. The biggest reason an application is denied is improper criminal conviction disclosure. Either the applicant has failed to disclose a prior conviction, or disclosed it improperly. At Unlock Legal we have expertise in properly disclosing your criminal convictions, and take steps to identify any prior criminal history and clean it up prior to submitting your application if necessary.

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Applications are similar across the different licensing bodies.  Most every application requires that the applicant include a statement or declaration; disclose their criminal convictions (if any); and disclose any prior discipline from this or another licensing body.  By retaining Unlock Legal to fill out your application correctly and completely you will save both time and money.  You will save time because a properly prepared application is more likely to be accepted, and your career will not be delayed.  You will save money by not having to defend a denial of your application.