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The attorneys at Unlock Legal complete applications for clients to submit to their licensing bodies on a regular basis.

Clients come to us when they are not sure whether they need to disclose a past criminal matter, or how to disclose it. We know how to disclose any prior criminal history on a professional license application in the proper manner. If needed, we will review a clients Department of Justice ("DOJ") report to ascertain exactly how many matters need to be disclosed, and how.

If we need to correct the DOJ report, we will submit a Claim of Inaccuracy. In addition to disclosures we may assist in the clients’ declaration and or statement to be provided to the licensing agency. We believe that our clients are doing themselves a favor by having Unlock Legal assist in the preparation of their professional license application, and get them on the way to having the career of their choice. A well-prepared application can help avoid a denial and/or the filing of a Statement of Issues.

Professionals We Have Helped

“Nice to have someone to lean on during a stressful process. Attorney and staff are kind and open and available. I was happy with the representation and certainly will refer anyone with these issues here.”

- Monica M.

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